Current Operations
Food Security Cluster Augmentation in Response to the continued Humanitarian Situation in Somalia

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Over the past 8 years, the humanitarian community in Somalia has responded to three major crises (2005-2006, 2008-2009 and 2011) with the most severe emergency leading to the declaration of Famine in July 2011.

However, over the past 10 years, the pastoral, agro-pastoral and agricultural livelihoods within Somalia have fluctuated between  Famine/Emergency/Crisis and  Food Secure/Stressed. As a result of a combination of shocks such as poor rainfall, global price fluctuations and eruption of resourced-based or regional inter-state conflict, between 3.4 and 6.5 million Somalis have, to some degree, lost their assets and remained food-insecure.


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Resourcing updates
WFP Offices
Country at a glance 2014
Planned Beneficiaries0
Beneficiary needs (mt)0
Beneficiary needs ($US)290,174,802
Donors - 2014 ($US)
Donors - Directed contributions
Multilateral contributionsUS$ 2,715,592
UN Common Funds and Agencies (excl CERF)7,759,896
United Kingdom6,615,415
UN CERF4,054,679
Russian Federation1,000,000
Republic of Korea500,000
Saudi Arabia160,302
Private Donors14,828
Threats to food security
  • Prolonged civil unrest
  • Frequent droughts
  • Fragile environment
  • Occasional floods in the south