Productive Asset Creation - Cash/Food for Asset Programme in Zimbabwe

Productive Asset Creation (PAC) in Zimbabwe

The Government of Zimbabwe, WFP and other partners have expressed concern that the continuation of food assistance without conditions will encourage a mid-set of dependency and will not address the underlying causes of household food insecurity. The Cash/Food for Asset (C/FFA) programme forms part of WFP’s new strategic direction, which has transitioned from free food distributions to supporting resilience building activities. WFP’s C/FFA programme aims to empower vulnerable communities to move away from dependency on food assistance and create assets that increase their ability to handle future shocks, such as droughts or floods. The Cash/Food for Asset (C/FFA) programme is also known as Productive Asset Creation (PAC). Each month, able-bodied yet food insecure people receive food rations or cash transfer to buy food from local markets to cushion them while they work on community projects that promote self-reliance, reduce disaster risk and support climate change adaption to directly address their food and nutrition security needs and food access.