Isha Wright (in blue) and two of her mobile response team members waiting for a helicopter pick up at Wau Shilluk in Upper Nile State. Photo: WFP/Togoba Tartis

Tales From WFP Humanitarian Heroes In South Sudan (Staff Interviews)

The World Food Programme (WFP) and partners have been working all-out for months to try to prevent a hunger catastrophe in South Sudan, overcoming enormous obstacles to bring food and other assistance to people in desperate need.  Part of WFP’s response includes deploying emergency mobile teams to reach vulnerable people who have been isolated by conflict in some of the most food-insecure areasof the country.  The teams set up distribution sites from scratch, managing air-drop zones and sleeping in tents – and facing challenges that range in size from tiny scorpions to big guns.  Here are a few stories from WFP staff members who have been part of these mobile emergency response teams.

Emergency in South Sudan

Fighting in South Sudan has driven tens of thousands of people from their homes to seek shelter. WFP is on the ground distributing food to civilians in need. 

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South Sudan officially declared independence on 9 July 2011 to become the United Nations 193rd member state.  The country has a total area of 644, 329 square kilometers, and is roughly the size of France or Afghanistan. It has an estimated population of 10.3 million people. Approximately 90 percent of South Sudanese households depend on crop farming, animal husbandry, fishing or forestry for their livelihoods, but productivity across all these sectors is minimal. Fighting broke out in Juba in December 2013, and quickly spread across much of the country.