On The Road: A Dollar A Day

We're fighting hunger, come with us

Millions of people around the world live on a dollar a day. But what exactly can you buy for a dollar if you go into an average market in Egypt, Cambodia or Guatemala? Follow WFP staff as they go to find out.

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1. A Dollar A Day - Nepal

8 Jun 2011


1 Jan 1970
You're on the road with:

Our 'Dollar-a-Day' investigators are:

Francisco Fion, WFP Public Information Officer in Guatemala; Christopher Rompre, WFP Public Information Officer in Cambodia; Reem Nada, WFP Regional Public Information Officer in Egypt.

A Dollar A Day - Nepal

Deepesh Das Shresta, WFP Public Information Officer in Nepal, finds out what he can buy for a dollar at a market in his country’s capital.

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