On the Road: Philippines (featuring KC Concepcion)

We're fighting hunger, come with us

Actress, singer and Philippines Ambassador Against Hunger KC Concepcion travels to the island of Mindanao for a look at one of her country’s most intriguing regions. The only island in the Philippines to host a large Muslim population, Mindinao also suffers from high levels of child malnutrition. KC’s journey takes her from a school where local children are celebrating the Islamic New Year to a woman’s cooperative and health centre where food is provided to those in need.
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1. Down in Mindanao

18 Feb 2011


1 Jan 1970
You're on the road with:

KC Concepcion

WFP Ambassador Against Hunger

KC Concepcion is a Filipina actress and singer who describes herself as "a sister, a lover a fighter, and a dancer." As a WFP Ambassador Against Hunger, she has travelled to Mindanao and to Uganda.

Down in Mindanao

KC arrives in Mindanao ahead of the Islamic New Year and finds a celebration underway at a school where WFP provides meals to local kids. She joins them for a lunch of mung beans of rice, helping to serve out portions at their school desks.

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