Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation Ethiopia

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This budget revision assures the food needs of refugees to the end of 2011. 

This operation is designed to provide food assistance from 2009 to 2011 for refugees hosted in camps or communities in Ethiopia. It is based on the 2008 joint assessment mission, the 2008 nutrition mission, the 2007 nutrition survey, the 2008 WFP regional bureau mission, the 2008 evaluation of milling projects, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

Refugees will receive monthly general food rations, malnourished children and pregnant women will receive supplementary foods, and refugee children will benefit from on-site or take-home school feeding rations. Income-generating activities and environmental rehabilitation will be supported with technical assistance and non-food items to improve livelihood opportunities in selected camps.

The general ration will continue to supplement staple foods with fortified blended food to offset micronutrient deficiencies. The use of micronutrient powder will be explored to determine the potential for extending it to all camps. A 20 percent cereal top-up will be continued to offset milling costs and losses. These measures will further improve the nutritional status of refugees in Ethiopia.

The operation is in line with Strategic Objectives 1 and 4 of the WFP Strategic Plan (2008−2011). It will support joint outcomes agreed under the United Nations Development Assistance Framework for 2007–2011 with reference to Humanitarian Response, Recovery and Food Security, in particular “enhanced multi-sectoral response to displaced people, refugees and other vulnerable populations in emergencies”. Work related to HIV and AIDS, gender, environmental rehabilitation and nutrition are coordinated in a common framework agreed by partners.