Food assistance to Food Insecure Refugees in Marratane Camp in Northern Mozambique

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This PRRO aims to provide food support to refugees in the Marratane camp in Nampula province in Northern Mozambique. Marratane camp was established and designated as the only refugee camp in Mozambique.

The camp population is approx 5,020 and it includes recognized refugees, asylum seekers and new arrivals. Of the 12 nationalities present in the camp, 77% are Congolese, 8% are Rwandese, and 14% are Burundians and others 1%. Women represent 45 % of the camp population.

UNHCR plans to implement an accelerated programme of repatriation, self reliance and local integration, with an eventual scale down of its refugee operation in Mozambique by end of 2008.

The Government of Mozambique facilitates both self reliance and integration because it accords freedom of movement and naturalization for refugees.In view of the above plan, joint assessments, including a Joint Assessment Mission (JAM), were conducted in April- July 2006, to assess the adequacy of food security and livelihood strategies for refugees living in Marratane camp.

Following the assessments, UNHCR requested WFP to take the lead in the food assistance activities. To facilitate the hand over, UNHCR provided to WFP the amount of USD111, 000 to manage the food distribution from October 2006 to February 2007. Hereafter WFP will take over the food assistance programme through its own resource channels.

Currently, WFP does not have a formal policy to provide support to refugee populations of less than 5,000 people. However, following a special agreement at corporate level between the two organizations and the special request made by UNHCR Mozambique, WFP will, through this PRRO, accept the responsibility to provide food assistance until the end of 2008.