Logistics Augmentation for Somali Region Operations

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This Operation has been modified and extended in time until 31 December 2010 as per Budget revision 05 (see below).

The purpose of this Special Operation is to address a number of logistical bottlenecks and challenges that WFP is facing in the Somali region of Ethiopia. The humanitarian crisis in the Somali region of Ethiopia has recently further deteriorated due to continuing drought and an unstable security situation.

WFP’s implementing partner, the Ethiopian Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Agency (DPPA), which is responsible for secondary transport and delivery to final delivery points (FDPs), is struggling to overcome various logistical challenges.

The situation is further exacerbated by the need for escorted convoys that prolong transit times. Moreover, only a limited number of long-haul transport companies are willing to work in the Somali region as the long-haul trucks are often unsuited for the bad road infrastructure.

In order to address the limitations of the current logistics set-up in the Somali region of Ethiopia, and in order to deliver food commodities in a timely manner, WFP will temporarily take on secondary transport and augment the logistics set up through: 

  • setting up two hubs where food can be received and dispatched for delivery to FDPs;
  • establishing a secondary transport system using local transport companies organised in a dedicated commercial fleet;
  • setting up fuel stocks; 
  • enhancing the information management and communication flow between all stakeholders on truck movements, food stocks, dispatches and deliveries to hubs and FDP’s.

As per Budget Revison 2, this operation has been extended until 31 December 2009 to ensure the continued operation and cover for the expansion of, WFP’s hubs and storage facilities.