Operational augmentation for WFP and NGO partners in Darfur in support of EMOP 10760.0

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The expulsion of thirteen international non-governmental organizations from Sudan and the dissolution of three national non-governmental organizations in March 2009 has put at risk the provision of food assistance in Darfur to 1.1 million people,medical care for 1.5 million people and drinking water for over 1 million people. Four out of the thirteen non-governmental organizations were WFP partners covering about 35 percent of the Darfur general food distribution plan under the emergency operation 10760.0.

While WFP is addressing the most urgent needs to guarantee the uninterrupted supply of life saving food distributions, it does not have the capacity to fully compensate for the gaps in monitoring, assessment, analysis, targeting and logistics activities left by the loss of these partners. WFP is therefore no longer in a position to ensure an effective and accountable implementation of programmes under EMOP 10760.0.

This special operation will cater for the equipment, staff, systems and facilities necessary to re-establish a stable, strong and safe field presence in Darfur for WFP and its NGO partners by ensuring the:

  • provision of Minimum Operating Security Standards (MOSS) compliant office and accommodation facilities for WFP and NGO partners in remote locations with limited or no humanitarian coverage;
  • augmentation of operational capacity and technical expertise of WFP and partner NGOs for monitoring, assessment, analysis, targeting and logistics activities to expand their activities to new areas as well as capacity building;
  • operational contingency in the event that some areas are not eventually covered by other NGOs, and/or that more NGOs may suspend their programmes in the future.

The special operation’s duration is eighteen months, from May 2009 to November 2010 for a total value of US$ 27,322,864.