Protracted Relief and Recovery Operations - Occupied Palestinian Territory 200037

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This Operation has been modified as per Budget revision 6 (see below).

Six decades of political instability have led to economic stagnation in the West Bank. Although humanitarian aid has prevented further deterioration in food security, a quarter of the population remains unable to meet daily food requirements. Military occupation, dependency on imported food, weak agricultural infrastructure and low production levels are hindering future food security.

Protracted relief and recovery operation 200037 aims to meet immediate food needs, enhance food consumption and improve dietary diversity. It will promote long-term resilience by supporting the re-establishment of agricultural livelihoods in areas affected by conflict.The operation is based on enhanced WFP interventions that respond to assessed needs and mitigate the impacts of restricted access by:
  •  increasing the number of destitute families receiving food assistance using a new targeting system developed by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the World Bank and the European Union;
  •  expanding the school feeding programme to vulnerable areas;
  •  assisting through voucher transfers food-insecure and vulnerable groups that are not eligible for government assistance;
  •  addressing emerging needs in vulnerable areas; and
  •  improving the economy with tools such as vouchers for local foods, local milling and local purchase.
WFP will support the national social safety net by developing capacity for monitoring food security and increasing the Palestinian Authority’s capacity to manage food and voucher programmes with a view to eventual hand-over. WFP’s purchasing power will help to support the economy.
The operation has been designed on the basis of recent assessments, a mid-term review, a WFP cost-effectiveness mission and an evaluation mission in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and other stakeholders. It enables controlled expansion of voucher assistance on the basis of lessons learned from a pilot voucher project. WFP will pilot an electronic food-tracking system and consolidate the use of an electronic voucher system started under emergency operation 107740.The operation supports the Palestinian Reconstruction and Development Plan 20112013, WFP Strategic Objectives 1, 3 and 5, and Millennium Development Goals 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.