Displaced Population from DRC in the Likouala Region

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Ethnic violence in the Equateur Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo has led to the flight of the local population living on the Oubangui river to the neighbouring Republic of Congo (ROC), spread over several localities on the RoC side of the Oubangui river between Impfondo, Dongou and Betou, some in very dire conditions. Among them were women, children, infants, lactating mothers and elderly persons.

All these people were leaving their villages without belongings; urgent needs include sanitation, food, medicines, shelters, ... Furthermore the pressure on local populations will lead to an aggravated situation in terms of sanitation and food security. 

Justification for an immediate response, expected impact:

  • saving lives among the most vulnerable groups (children and women)
  • ensuring the basis food needs of the refugees until their return to DRC
  • reducing the pressure on the host populatin in terms of food supplies, housing, health and sanitation.