Air Passenger Service and Logistics Cluster Coordination in Support of the Humanitarian Response in Sa'ada

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This operation has been modified as per budget revision 6 (see below).

Six years of civil conflict have led to high levels of population displacement, substantial infrastructure damage, and high insecurity in the northern Yemen governorate of Sa’ada, with high displacement to neighboring governorates. The sixth round of war began on 12 August 2009, displacing as many 350,000 persons. On 11 February 2010 a ceasefire declaration was agreed upon between the Government and Houthis. As a result, the Humanitarian Community is aiming to reinforce its presence and enhance the necessary operational capacity to provide relief assistance to the affected populations in Sa’ada.

On 22 February, the Humanitarian Country Team requested the activation of the Logistics Cluster, focusing on improved emergency preparedness and response, provision of an information sharing platform including Geographic Information Systems, strengthened coordination, enhanced capacity to respond to needs, and advocacy for the smooth importation of relief goods.

As a result of the February 2010 ceasefire agreement and the request for activation of the Logistics Cluster, the Humanitarian Community formally requested regular air charters to support to secure and regular movement of staff and limited relief goods to Sa’ada town.

This is expected to facilitate the timely and effective implementation and monitoring of humanitarian activities in the Governorate of Sa’ada. WFP, in its role as custodian of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Services, will establish a reliable, safe and efficient air transport in cooperation with Yemenia Joint Venture in support of humanitarian activities in the Governorate of Sa'ada.

Through this special operation, WFP in its capacity as Logistics Cluster lead and custodian of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Services (UNHAS), will support the efforts of the Humanitarian Community to respond to the crisis in Yemen. This project caters for the assets, staff and systems necessary to:

  • enhance the predictability, timeliness and efficiency of the emergency response under the Cluster approach, and

  • facilitate the access of humanitarian personnel and light cargo to the affected areas and ensure operational continuity.

The special operation is for a duration of six months, from 24 May to 23 November 2010 at a total cost of US$ 530,634.