Republic of Congo: Support to Primary Education

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The operation below has been modified as per Budget Revision 4 (see below).

In the Republic of Congo, food insecurity and poverty limit the access of rural households to basic social and education services, including primary school education. Despite improvements in primary enrolment rates, drop-out and absenteeism are high (up to 65 percent in the most food-insecure areas), leading to low primary completion. Although the Government has progressed in its promotion of universal education, school enrolment fees amount to US$1 per child, leaving 50 percent of households living under the poverty line unable to afford this service.


Congo, Republic Of

The Republic of Congo has a young and mostly urban population with more than half of its 4.1 million inhabitants under 20 and 62.5% of the population living in cities. According to UNDP Human Development report of 2011, the Republic of Congo is counted among the middle income countries and ranks 137th on the Human Development Index....