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This Operation has been modified as per Budget Revision 6 (see below)

This third budget revision (BR) to the Tanzania CP 200200 is proposed to offset the negative outstanding balance of commitment (OBC) in cash and voucher (C&V) tools, amounting to US$ 47,803. The negative OBC occurred during the migration of data after the Financial Framework (FFR) Review in October 2013. In the original project plan, C&V transfers and other costs were planned under other direct operational cost (ODOC) but after the FFR, C&V was divided into C&V transfer and C&V related costs.

The comprehensive food security and vulnerability analysis  (CFSVA) findings reveal that poor food consumption, a proxy indicator for food security, is strongly associated with the ownership of productive assets and vulnerability to shocks affecting crops and livestock. Households with poor consumption exp erienced greater exposure to plant diseases and animal pests, are more likely to be headed by women, and have low expenditure and wealth index scores. Food -insecure households own fewer livestock, cultivate fewer crops and do not use modern inputs.