Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in Response To The Humanitarian Situation in Libya

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A budget revision to Special Operation 200276 “Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in response to the crisis in Libya” is proposed to increase the budget by US$8,717,211 and extend the operation until 31 December 2011 in line with the overall humanitarian emergency response in Libya. The revision will also cater for increased costs related to replacement of the current aircraft, 30-seater EMB120, with a higher capacity aircraft, 50-seater CRJ-200 or similar capacity. 

In the last months the Libyan government has tried to contain a rebellion and heavy fighting and bombing have ensued. As the fighting continues, the situation is deteriorating by the day and the basic needs of tens of thousands of people inside Libya are not being met. The humanitarian community is mobilizing resources for the North Africa region to respond to the need of the affected population and the unfolding humanitarian disaster.

With no commercial airlines operating into or within Libya due to the operation Odyssey Dawn – No Fly Zone, established in March 2011, with lengthy road travel under insecure conditions due to the ongoing conflict, and the need to move safely humanitarian staff into and within the country, the Humanitarian Coordinator has requested the activation of the Humanitarian Air Services (WFP/UNHAS) in Libya. 

Through this Special Operation (SO) WFP/UNHAS will operate one 30-50 seats passenger aircraft suitable for the area, for the operations and in line with the available funding. The main operational base will be in Cairo, Egypt. The UNHAS will be organized and managed by WFP.  

This Special Operation is covering the period from 26th April to 25th July 2011 at a total cost of US$ 3,959,760.