Country Programme - Sierra Leone (2013–2014)

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This operation has been modified as per BR 3 (see below)

Sierra Leone is recovering from the social and economic disruption of a decade of civil war, but recovery has been slowed by global economic shocks that have affected livelihoods, eroded the resilience of the most vulnerable people and altered social cohesion.

This third budget revision proposes a three months extension to Sierra Leone Country Programme 200336 in preparation for the Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO) that is planned to begin April 2016 to address food and nutrition assistance needs in the post- Ebola context. The budget revision seeks: (i) a limited scale-up of country programme activities targeting the most vulnerable communities that were suspended due to the Ebola outbreak and (ii) support of on-going efforts to sustain a resilient zero within the framework of Ebola response Phase 3 and the Transition Plan coordinated by the Interagency Collaboration on Ebola.1 Residual caseloads from Regional Emergency Operation 200761 (EMOP) ending in December 2015 will be absorbed into this budget revision.


Sierra Leone