Sierra Leone Country Programme (2013–2016)

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Resource Situation

This operation has been modified as per BR 4 (see below)

Sierra Leone is recovering from the social and economic disruption of a decade of civil war, but recovery has been slowed by global economic shocks that have affected livelihoods, eroded the resilience of the most vulnerable people and altered social cohesion.

Elections in 2012 coincide with the transition of the United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Mission into a United Nations country team ready to support the Government in planning future development. This two-year country programme is aligned with the United Nations Transitional Joint Vision for Sierra Leone 2012–2014 and will serve as a transition to long-term development.

Country programme 200336 contributes to development in: i) school feeding for primary schoolchildren; ii) supplementary feeding for malnourished pregnant and lactating women, children under 5 and people living with HIV; and iii) livelihood support through asset rehabilitation.

WFP activities are part of the Sierra Leone Agenda for Change (2008–2013), which prioritizes the development of agriculture, infrastructure and social services. Country programme 200336 targets the most food-insecure communities that do not receive other assistance, with a view to enhancing impacts through a comprehensive approach that complements livelihoods, education, and nutrition social safety nets.


This BR 4 proposes a nine-month extension-in-time for food for education and nutrition components of Sierra Leone Country Programme 200336 in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) and in preparation for a new Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO) to begin May 2016. The budget revision (i) provides an incentive take-home ration for 370,000 schoolchildren attending schools in foodinsecure areas; (ii) extends nutrition treatment and prevention programmes for one month ending with transfer of this activity to the new PRRO; and (iii) extends support to Ebola orphans and survivors for one month ending with transfer of this activity to the new PRRO.



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