Restoring Food Security and Livelihoods for Vulnerable Groups Affected by Recurrent Shocks in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

About this Operation

Resource Situation

This operation has been modified as per budget revision 5 (see below)

Recent disasters, economic shocks and food and fuel price increases have compromised the already precarious food security of the poor in Central America. Protracted relief and recovery operation 200490 is designed to support national response to and recovery from the effects of natural disasters on the food security of vulnerable people in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

The operation will provide fast and efficient responses based on contingency planning, pre-positioning of food stocks and support for national emergency responses and regional coordination mechanisms. It will meet the immediate needs of food-insecure populations affected by shocks, and facilitate recovery through asset creation with a view to laying the foundation for a transition to resilience-building through ongoing country programmes and capacity development at the regional and country levels.

The operation is part of a regional approach to food insecurity and disaster management in Central America. WFP’s emergency responses are aligned with the government-endorsed Regional Disaster Reduction Plan (2006–2015); food security and nutrition activities are aligned with the Second Regional Programme for Food and Nutrition Security in Central America, and with national policies.


Budget revision 5 to PRRO 200490 is in response to the continued needs of drought-affected populations in Central America.It proposes: iincreased cash-based transfer (CBT) requirements for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras; changed food requirements for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras; revision of the landside transport, storage and handling costs for Honduras and Nicaragua; increased number of beneficiaries; increased capacity development and augmentation activities.