Saving Lives and Protecting Livelihoods in the Central African Republic

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This operation has been modified as per Budget Revision 3 (see below)

Given the current volatile situation in CAR, Initial LTSH matrix was not done, PRRO 200315 LTSH rate of $459.10/ton was use for the early release of CAR’s EMOP 200650.
This budget revision proposes a technical adjustment of the landside transport, storage and handing (LTSH) component of CAR’s EMOP 200650 to reflect the LTSH increase from USD 459.10 per MT to USD 554.97 per MT, as per recently approved LTSH matrix.

On 05 December 2013, a new wave of violence broke out in Central African Republic. The fighting pitted the predominantly Muslim, ex-Seleka forces against the Christian, anti-Balaka militias. As the violence intensified and killings increased, large numbers of civilians fled to safer areas. Additional French troops were rapidly deployed to support African Union peacekeeping forces in an effort to stabilize the situation. On 11 December, the Emergency Relief Coordinator in consultation with the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Principals declared the evolving crisis a system-wide Level 3 emergency.