Burundi: Emergency Assistance to Victims of Flooding

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1. Bujumbura town: communes of Kinama, Kamenge, Buterere, Ngagara, and Kanyosha; Bujumbura rural province: communes of Mutimbuzi and Isale. 
2. The flooding was caused by torrential rains that hit Burundi’s capital Bujumbura and surrounding areas during the night of 9 to 10 February 2014. The torrential rains caused water to over top the banks of nearby rivers and to inundate several Bujumbura townships of which many were hard hit. 
3. This situation has resulted in substantial flooding, leaving thousands of people homeless in both Bujumbura and surrounding areasand causing massive destruction of community and individual assets, including local markets, schools and health centres. As of 10 February, officials reported 77 dead, 182 injured of whom 84 were in severe conditions, and some 3,800 houses destroyed either fully or partially. Many more persons are still reported missing. Accordingly, it is expected that the numbers will continue to rise as rescue process gains access to more areas that are yet to be reached and families continue to have better information on their missing members and assets.