2008 - Projected Needs

The Blue Book is published every year by WFP in order to provide the international donor community advance estimates of food and aid requirements for WFP's aid and development activities for the following year. Early confirmation of donations gives WFP a better chance to fight hunger around the world.

   Projected food needs for 2008

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WFP-assisted Development Projects, Protracted Relief and Emergency Operations

Regional Bureau for East and Central Africa (ODK)
  Regional Bureau for Sudan

Regional Bureau for Southern Africa [ODJ]

Regional Bureau for West Africa [ODD]

Regional Bureau for Asia [ODB]

Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean [ODP]

Regional Bureau for East, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe [ODC]

Table 1 – Programme of Work by Country
  Table 2 – Beneficiary Needs in 2008 by Bureau and Commodity Group

Table 3 – Beneficiary Needs in 2008 for WFP-Assisted Emergency Operations

Table 4 – Beneficiary Needs in 2008 for WFP-Assisted Protracted Relief and Recovery Operations
  Table 5 – Beneficiary Needs in 2008 for WFP Special Operations

Table 6 – Beneficiary Needs in 2008 for Development Activities
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