Caterpillar - Supporting WFP logistics

Caterpillar is the world's largest producer of construction equipment. Caterpillar uses its knowledge and expertise on the ground to help WFP respond to emergencies more effectively. 

Caterpillar does this by helping WFP coordinate access to equipment and dealers across the world during emergencies. Caterpillar has helped to set up logisitcs hubs and mobile storage units in places like Ethiopia, which are proving vital to the transportation of food and relief items in the area. 

In addition to access to equipment and improving logistics, Caterpillar has donated to WFP school meals projects in Haiti. These donations have helped WFP to expand projects and provide 500,000 children with meals during term time as well as take home rations for their families. School meals programmes can double primary school enrolement and improve student health and learning abilities.

Thanks to Caterpillar's ongoing support WFP can continue to provide food and hope to vulnerable people where it's needed the most.



Partner Profile

Industry: Heavy Equipment. 
Support Areas: Improved transportation and logistics and school meals. 
Geographical Focus: Haiti, Somalia, Pakistan, Tanzania and DRC. 
Partnership Impact: Funding expansion of school meals programmes in Haiti.

Contributing to logistics hubs.

Employee fundraising for emergency operations.