The Nationale Postcode Loterij of the Netherlands is a long-standing private partner of WFP that has supported operations worldwide since 2004, targeting its contributions to where needs are greatest.

The Loterij’s support has helped WFP avoid cuts to School Meals Programmes in countries such as Niger and during emergencies.

In 2012, the Loterij gave WFP and the UN Refugee Agency extra funding to help children attend school in Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp.

In 2014, it provided additional funding to support SAFE, a WFP pilot programme in Darfur that helps vulnerable women save scarce time and money through access to fuel-efficient stoves.




Partner profile

Industry: Charity lottery

Support Areas: Greatest needs, school meals, and Safe Access to Fuel and Energy programme

Geographical focus: Worldwide, but specifically Kenya and Sudan

Partnership Impact:                                   

Providing stabling funding which is used were need is greatest, often to prevent ration cuts in underfunded programmes.

Ensuring kids in Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp recieve a school meal. 

Expanding the Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) programme for women in Darfur, Sudan.


















Supported school meals programmes in Niger for over five years. This support has translated into a 5% increase of girls attending schools where NPL supported school meals are taking place.


Increased cultivable area for crops, such as rice and reforestation, in Mali through Food-for-Work projects.


Funded WFP to establish women-managed cereal banks.