Dutch Postcode Lottery - Food to Improve Lives

The Postcode Lottery's objective is to contribute to a better world by raising funds for humanitarian organizations. In our view, WFP strives every hour of every day to make life less difficult to bear for the world’s hungry.
Boudewijn Poelman, Chairman, NPL

Since 1989, the Postcode Lottery has been raising funds to support organizations working in the areas of development cooperation, human rights and the environment. Fifty percent of its income goes to charity. The lottery has grown to become the Netherlands' biggest charity lottery, supporting more than 80 nongovernmental organizations with more than 3 billion Euros since its founding.

By partnering with WFP, the Postcode Lottery supports school meals programmes, giving children the food they need to develop their physical and mental potential. The Lottery's donations are directed toward improving access to primary education, especially for girls, in nomadic food insecure areas of Niger.

The Postcode Lottery also supports other WFP activities, such as cereal banks in Niger and Food for Work projects in Mali. By providing assets in exchange for work, the Lottery aims to help food insecure populations rebuild their lives.




Partner Profile

Industry: Charity lottery

Support Areas: School meals, food for work and cereal banks programmes

Geographical focus: Niger and Mali

Partnership Impact:                                   



















Supported school meals programmes in Niger for over five years. This support has translated into a 5% increase of girls attending schools where NPL supported school meals are taking place.


Increased cultivable area for crops, such as rice and reforestation, in Mali through Food-for-Work projects.


Funded WFP to establish women-managed cereal banks.