FEED Projects - Helping FEED the children of the world

FEED is proud to partner with WFP to raise money and awareness for their important work of feeding the world's hungry through the sale of our FEED products. To date, the program we have supported the most is WFP's School Feeding Programme, which is so vital for so many children around the world.
Lauren Bush - Co-Founder FEED Projects

FEED Projects was founded in 2007 with the mission to create good products that help FEED the world and has been supporting WFP since its inception. The organization sells bags, t-shirts, stuffed toys and other accessories online and via partner retailers. All of the items include a donation to help fight hunger worldwide. 

FEED was founded by Lauren Bush, former WFP Honorary Spokesperson, and Ellen Gustafson, former WFP Public Information Officer. To date, over $5 million has been donated to WFP providing thousands of school meals to poor children in Rwanda, Kenya and Haiti.

As the company has grown, FEED Projects has expanded its merchandise offerings to include products that will support WFP's Purchase for Progress and Food for Assets programs.







Partner Profile

Industry: Retail 

Support Areas: School meals, P4P, Food for Assets.

Geographical Focus: Kenya, Rwanda, Haiti

Partnership Impact: Increased visibility and understanding of hunger issues worldwide; Provided over 20,000,000 school meals in Rwanda, Kenya and Haiti