LG Electronics - Investing in Sustainable Development

Through this partnership with WFP, we are contributing to real change – not just change for one day or one week but a sustained change – that sees families and communities lifted permanently out of poverty.
Young-Kee Kim, LG Chief Relations Officer

LG Electronics, Inc. is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances. Its “LG Hope Series” partnership with WFP aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children across the Horn of Africa and Asia. Under the slogan “Hope for Life’s Good,” LG is playing an active role in global, sustainable efforts to achieve UN Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 1, eradicating poverty and hunger. 

Since 2009, LG and WFP have collaborated on development projects in Africa that aspire to have a long-term and positive impact, including the LG Hope School in Kenya and LG Hope Village in Ethiopia. The LG Hope Series broadened in 2010 as LG expanded its support beyond the Horn of Africa to the LG Hope Family in Asia, with projects in Bangladesh and Cambodia.

In 2011, WFP and LG Electronics worked together to develop innovative ways to fight hunger, including through the launch of the LG Smart TV WeFeedback app and the Life’s Good Day for Africa employee fundraising campaign.

LG Electronics is always looking ahead, continually working toward new and exciting ways to enrich lives and, ultimately, create a better future for the next generation. 

That’s why with LG, Life’s Good! 


Partner Profile

Industry: Electronics, information and telecommunications. 

Support Areas: Development projects: school feeding, nutrition assistance to vulnerable children (HIV/AIDs orphans, under-fives), food for asset activities. 

Geographical focus: Ethiopia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Cambodia

Partnership Impact:

Reached some 23,000 of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the Nairobi slums of Kenya and in remote rural areas of Ethiopia.

Promoted sustainable rural development through WFP’s food-for-assets and school meals activities.

Helped to provide nutritious meals at schools to encourage school attendance, improve concentration in class, and improve children’s nutritional and health status. 

LG Hope Family: Supported 7,000 families or some 35,000 people in the Southwest of Bangladesh and Prey Veng province of Cambodia.

In Bangladesh, the intervention targets 2,000 ultra-poor families affected by seasonal flooding and climate change and provide them nutritional food, through food-for-work projects designed to raise homesteads above floodwater levels, and improve irrigation and agricultural productivity.

In Cambodia, also through food-for-work activities, LGE’s support helps raise roads above floodwater levels, ensuring vital links to markets, schools and health services for another 5,000 families. It will also stimulate rice cultivation through improved water management which will improve food security and household income.

Matching Gift Campaign For Ethiopia: LG Electronics helped raise over $341,000 by matching every dollar donated to WFP during an online campaign in December 2011. These funds supported a Gender Innovations project to train 1,600 Ethiopian women in income-generating activities that allowed them to better provide for their families. LG's matching gift funds supported environmental and food production activities as part of the Managing Environmental Resources to Enable Transitions (MERET) initiative in Ethiopia, which helps smallholder farmers to manage their land better and develop sustainable livelihoods.