"At MasterCard we believe that good partnerships can build great opportunities, exciting initiatives and ground-breaking experiences. Our partnership with the World Food Programme delivers against one of the most compelling visions, a world beyond hunger. Together we will leverage MasterCard’s leading technology, innovation and expertise to empower communities and people around the world. Something we can all feel good about." Ajay Banga, CEO and President, MasterCard Worldwide

In 2012, MasterCard and WFP entered into a partnership to deliver innovative solutions to meet the needs of the world’s hungry and vulnerable populations. The partnership links MasterCard’s expertise in technology and payment systems to WFP’s expertise in delivering food assistance.

The partnership is unfolding under two main pillars.

Digital Food: MasterCard helped WFP strengthen its delivery of “digital food” that comes in the form of e-cards so refugees and other vulnerable people can better access the food they need from local markets.

Integrated Giving: By engaging cardholders through business partners, banks and merchants, MasterCard will use its marketing and brand capacity to raise awareness and funds for WFP in key markets.



Partner profile

Industry: Payments / technology

Support Area: E-cards, online fundraising, financial inclusion

Geographical Focus: Global

Partnership Impact:

- Supported WFP’s move from food aid to food assistance and promoted financial inclusion by helping WFP evaluate, strengthen and expand its e-card projects.

- Providing marketing expertise and building digital infrastructure to help brands and consumers fundraise and advocate for the fight against hunger.

- Raising funds to provide nutritious meals to school children and to support emergency operations.