PepsiCo Foundation - Logistics to save lives

We are pleased to be combining powerful local networks, proven experience in development assistance and strong industry expertise to help create new domestic ang export food markets. This initiative will positively impact the livelihoods of local farmers, address the critical issue of hunger in the Horn of Africa and create sustainable business opportunities for PepsiCo.
Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEO and Chair of the PepsiCo Foundation

PepsiCo and PepsiCo Foundation have been supporting the World Food Programme since 2008 through joint initiatives that align with both PepsiCo’s Performance with Purpose Goals and WFP’s Zero Hunger mission.

Partnership areas include providing healthy school meals to children in Egypt and Benin and leveraging PepsiCo’s supply chain expertise to optimize WFP processes. Working specifically with the PepsiCo Foundation, the partnership is improving access to affordable nutrition for children ages 6–59 months through the development of a locally-sourced chickpea-based product that addresses malnutrition. This is part of the broader EthioPEA Alliance, a public-private partnership that helps smallholder chickpea farmers in Ethiopia increase production, expand markets and develop locally produced food to combat malnutrition.

Partner Profile

Industry:  Food and beverage.
Support areas:  Local manufacturing; logistics adn ICT capacity building; emergency relief; school meals
Geographical focus: Global
Partnership impact:

Helps WFP to improve its existing logistical capacity and effectiveness through expert knowledge.

Provides funding and guidance to spur localy produced and manufactured chickpea-based RUSF targeting malnourished children under five.

Raises awareness and funds to support school meals in Benin and emergency operations in the Sahel.