Vodafone - Saving lives in emergencies through ICT

WFP's ICT Emergency Response trainings and the ICT platforms are essential tools to build the capacity of aid workers and support coordination of emergency communications. The Vodafone Foundation is incredibly proud to be able to partner with WFP and to support them in this important work.
-Andrew Dunnett, Director of the Vodafone Foundation


The Vodafone Foundation is a registered charity organization of global telecommunications company Vodafone. Investing in countries in which Vodafone operates, the Foundation is at the centre of a network of both local and global social development programmes. 

In the third consecutive partnership, Vodafone Foundation and WFP work together to build and leverage one of the most successful project modules of the previous partnerships: Capacity Building.

The key to efficient and effective humanitarian emergency response operations is trained personnel who are available for immediate deployment. In addition to the constant technical skill-upgrade required by the nature of the humanitarian context, IT responders must also be prepared for emergencies in terms of managerial and survival skills. Realising this, the partnership focuses on building expert humanitarian IT and telecommunications capacity.



Partner Profile

Industry: Telecommunications.

Support Areas: Emergency Telecommunications.            

Geographical focus: Since January 2011, IT emergency responders trained through courses funded by the Vodafone Foundation partnership have been deployed to operations across the globe including Egypt, Libya, Mali, Pakistan and South Sudan. 

Partnership Impact:
























The IT Emergency Management Training is open to the global ICT relief community to share best practice and further enhance emergency response. Since the start of the training in 2007, over 150 ICT experts from nearly 40 different humanitarian organizations have completed the intensive two-week course. 


In September 2012 the first ever Operational Exercise (OpEx) Bravo was held in Germany. Funded by the Vodafone Foundation partnership, the disaster simulation was designed to further advance the emergency response capabilities of the global IT humanitarian community.