Sudan, Darfur, November 2005

El Obeid, Central Sudan. Aerial views of food storage facilities and air operations of the World Food Programme in El Obeid, Central Sudan, on November 30, 2005.
WFP's logistics investments in 2005 in hubs, like El Obeid, and throughout Sudan allow early positioning of food before the rainy season (starting in April). Coupled with increased storage capacity, they have significantly reinforced the capacity of WFP to assist persons living in hard-to-reach areas of the country.
In addition, the UN Humanitarian Air Service operated by WFP, with an air fleet of eight fixed-wing aircrafts, one cargo aircraft and four helicopters, fulfils an essential mission for the entire humanitarian community confronted with a lack of domestic commercial operators reaching remote locations.
In 2006, WFP needs US$746 million to fund this programme, purchase and deliver food to more than 6 million Persons in the country, in Darfur, the south, the three areas (formerly known as the transitional areas) and the east of Sudan.

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