Palestine, Gaza, June 2006

Since 2002, WFP has responded to the crisis through three consecutive emergency operations that have provided humanitarian food assistance to the non-refugee food-insecure population.

The current operation, which runs from September 2005-August 2007, targets 480,000 non-refugees to help support the livelihoods of the most affected affected non-refugees to prevent deterioration of their livelihoods and sale of assets. WFP is preparing to increase this caseload by 25% in response to the increased needs caused by the cut of funding to the Palestinian National Authourity, increased closures resulting in a further loss of exports and price increases in basic commodities, and the outbreak of avian influenza in the Gaza Strip. The new caseload will cover 600,000 of the most food insecure non refugees.

Photo: WFP/Kirstie Campbell

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