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2018 - WFP Malawi

A series of factsheets covering various topics including resilience, school meals, nutrition and refugee operations in Malawi. 

2018 - Bangladesh

 June 2018 - Emergency Dashboard

2018 - Democratic Republic of Congo

June 2018 - Emergency Dashboard

2018 - Sahel

June 2018 - Emergency Dashboard

2018 - Corporate Alert System - Linking early warning to early action in the Sahel

Emergency preparedness saves lives, reduces the impact of crises on vulnerable people's livelihoods and is much more cost-effective than repeated humanitarian action. This story shows how WFP's early warning...

2018 - What a 2°C and a 4°C warmer world could mean for global food insecurity

As many scientists are warning it is becoming increasingly unlikely that the world will be able to remain within the warming threshold of 2 degrees, decision-makers need to be able to plan to adapt to a world with...

R4 Rural Resilience Initiative Quarterly Report - January- March 2018

The R4 Rural Resilience Initiative (R4) is a strategic partnership between Oxfam America (OA) and the UN World Food Programme (WFP). R4 was initiated in 2011 to respond to the challenges faced by food-insecure...

2018 - World Food Programme - Food Assistance for Assets (FFA)

The World Food Programme's Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) aims to address the most food-insecure people’s immediate food needs and to improve their long-term food security and resilience.


2018 - Zero Hunger: overcoming the odds

This 2-pager is an overview of the role WFP plays in the humanitarian world and includes a review of our 2017 achievements.

2018 - Lesotho Strategic Review

2018 - Lesotho Strategic Review