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Key Publications

SAFE - Country Factsheets

Find here country specific factsheets for WFP SAFE (Safe Access to Fuel and Energy) interventions. These factsheets provide an overview of the success of SAFE in countries that rely on an innovative combination...

2017 - R4 Rural Resilience Initiative Annual Report

In 2017, the R4 Rural Resilience Initiative (R4) expanded from four to six countries. Overall, 57, 625 farmers (50 percent women) participated directly in R4 while around 300,000 people benefitted from it in five...

2018 - DRC Factsheets

Updated factsheets providing details on different aspects of WFP's operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

COHA - DR Congo 2017

Cost of Hunger/Cout de la Faim -  Report for DR Congo

2018 Global Report on Food Crises

The 2018 Global Report on Food Crises provides the latest estimates of severe hunger in the world. An estimated 124 million people in 51 countries are currently facing Crisis food insecurity or...

2018 - Achieving Zero Hunger in Republic of Korea

A history book charts how the Republic of Korea went from being a major recipient of WFP assistance to one of the organization's top 20 donors.

2018 - Nigeria factsheets

Updated factsheets providing details on different aspects of WFP's operations in Nigeria

Systemic Food Assistance: WFP’s Strategy for Leveraging Food Assistance to Improve Food System Performance

This document presents WFP’s strategy to enhance food system performance and sustainability.

2017 - WFP and Climate Change: helping countries increase climate resilience to achieve Zero Hunger

WFP works with partners to design and implement a range of programming tools to increase climate resilience, employing integrated climate risk management, disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation approaches....

2017 - Lao PDR - Strategic Review

Commissioned by WFP at the request of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, this strategic review involved a cross-sector, multi-stakeholder approach to better understand how Lao PDR can achieve the bold targets...