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WFP Deputy Executive Director Sheila Sisulu to Agriculture Ministers - Addis Ababa (23/04/09)

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) welcomes the concerted efforts of the AU and member countries to address the challenges of hunger and food insecurity in Africa. This is emphasised by the choice of the...

World Hunger Series: Hunger and Markets

The World Hunger Series: Hunger and Markets appears at a crucial time. Food prices are at high levels, there is a severe global financial crisis, and vulnerable households around the world are endangering their...

Opening Statement to the WFP Executive Board - Rome (09/02/09)

This is a very special moment for us, when I get to say some kind words and praise our outgoing Board President. Ambassador Barbosa is an outstanding diplomat...

Population Growth and Rapid Urbanization: Food Insecurity on the Rise in Urban Settings (23/01/09)

All of us sitting here would like to at least hope that 2009 will be a year in which significant progress will be made in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. This will not be easy.

WFP Strategic Plan 2008 - 2013

The Strategic Plan (2008-2013) lays out a framework for potential action for WFP. The Strategic Objectives reflect the changing nature of food aid and hunger, and WFP's history, experience and comparative advantages...

Women's Foreign Policy Group - Washington (29/09/08)

"Hunger as a National Security and Global Stability Issue"