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Key Publications

Financial Framework for Strategic Priority 5 Implementation

In approving the document “Building Country and Regional Capacities” (WFP/EB.3/2004/4-B), which sets out a policy framework for WFP’s Strategic Priority 5, the Executive Board requested further...

Definition of Emergencies

WFP’s existing definition of emergencies dates from 1970 and was last reviewed in 1986. The purpose of this paper is to determine the continuing appropriateness of the definition in the light of WFP’s operational...

Exiting Emergencies

Knowing how to end an emergency response can be as important as knowing when to begin
one. WFP needs to be sure that its strong capacity for emergency intervention is
accompanied by appropriate exits....

Consolidated Framework of WFP Policies


WFP Annual Report 2005

2005 was the most challenging year the humanitarian aid world had faced since World War II. The relentless onslaught of the Indian Ocean tsunami, drought and locusts in Niger, continuing conflict in Darfur, Hurricane...