Policy / Publications

Key Publications

2017- National Guidelines on the Management of Moderate Acute Malnutrition for children under five years

This publication was launched last week by WFP Philippines in partnership with the Department of Health .

2017- Bangladesh Country Strategic Plan (CSP)

WFP Bangladesh Country Strategic Plan (2017-2020) focuses on longer-term national nutrition-sensitive social protection, resilience building, and emergency response preparedness to achieve Zero Hunger, while...

World Food Assistance 2017 - Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

This global report provides a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of trends, challenges and innovative solutions in food assistance at a time of complex emergencies and soaring needs.

2017 - Lao PDR - Country Strategic Plan (CSP)

WFP Lao PDR has launched its Country Strategic Plan (CSP) 2017-2021, which is designed to help the Government of Lao PDR achieve the Sustainable Development Goal targets, as well as Middle Income Country status...

2017 - The cost of the double burden of malnutrition - social and economic impact

WFP’s report reveals that the combined impact of undernutrition and overweight/obesity, also known as the “double burden of malnutrition,” has contributed to the loss of billions of dollars to Latin...

2017 - At the root of exodus: Food security, conflict and international migration

WFP undertook this study to determine the role that food security and other factors play in compelling cross-border migration. Drawn from quantitative and qualitative research, the study gives voice to people who...

2017 - WFP's Policy on Climate Change

The Climate Change Policy articulates WFP’s contribution to national and global efforts to reduce climate change impacts on hunger, including strengthening resilience of vulnerable communities to climate-...

2017 - SysFOOD – The Systemic Food Assistance Initiative

The Systemic FoodA Initiative (SysFOOD) aims to boost and expand efforts to enhance food system performance across the globe.

2017 - MENA Initiative for School Meals and Social Protection: A partnership for enhanced nutrition, education and resilience

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Initiative for School Meals and Social Protection aims at enhancing the effectiveness, broadening the coverage and impact of school meals programmes supporting marginalized...