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World Hunger Series: Hunger and Markets

The World Hunger Series: Hunger and Markets appears at a crucial time. Food prices are at high levels, there is a severe global financial crisis, and vulnerable households around the world are endangering their...

Opening Statement to the WFP Executive Board - Rome (09/02/09)

This is a very special moment for us, when I get to say some kind words and praise our outgoing Board President. Ambassador Barbosa is an outstanding diplomat...

Population Growth and Rapid Urbanization: Food Insecurity on the Rise in Urban Settings (23/01/09)

All of us sitting here would like to at least hope that 2009 will be a year in which significant progress will be made in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. This will not be easy.

WFP Strategic Plan 2008 - 2013

The Strategic Plan (2008-2013) lays out a framework for potential action for WFP. The Strategic Objectives reflect the changing nature of food aid and hunger, and WFP's history, experience and comparative advantages...

Women's Foreign Policy Group - Washington (29/09/08)

"Hunger as a National Security and Global Stability Issue"