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Climate Change and Hunger - Responding to the Challenge

Climate change is a defining challenge of our times. Its impact and implications will be global, far-reaching and largely irreversible. Climate change is already increasing the risk of exposure to hunger,...

Ready to help - Reaching the right people, in the right places, fast.

Preparedness is an investment against man-made and natural disasters. It means we use our resources wisely and efficiently, and our knowledge to reduce the risk of a bad situation becoming even worse.

WFP Gender Policy brochure

Gender inequality is a major cause and effect of hunger and poverty: it is estimated that 60 percent of the world’s chronically hungry people are women and girls; 20 percent are children under 5. Achieving gender...

Improving the Nutritional Quality of WFP's Food Basket

Part of WFP's 'Ten minutes to learn about...' series on nutrition