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Key Publications

2018 - Nigeria factsheets

Updated factsheets providing details on different aspects of WFP's operations in Nigeria

2018 - FoodSECuRE factsheet

FoodSECuRE is a multilateral, multi-year replenishable fund designed to financially and programmatically support community-centred action to reinforce and build climate resilience.

2018 - Cash-Based Transfers - Infographic

This infographic shows the steady growth of  WFP cash-based transfers over the years. With 1.3 billion US$ directly transferred to millions of people in 2017, they now account for over 30 percent of WFP’s...

2017 - UNHRD

See at a glance how the United Nation Humanitarian Response Depot supported its partners’ response to global humanitarian crises in this overview of major shipments and events in 2017.

2017 - What a 2°C and 4°C warmer world could mean for global food insecurity.

This infographic shows what a 2°C and 4°C warmer world could mean for global food insecurity. A 2°C warmer world could mean that 189 million people could experience levels of vulnerability to food...

2017 - Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon 

2017 - Chief of Staff, Rehan Asad - Biography

Rehan Asad was appointed as the World Food Programme’s Chief of Staff in July 2017. The new Department headed by Mr Asad will focus on strengthening the role WFP plays as one of the world’s...

2017 - Two minutes to learn about school meals

In the fight against hunger, school meals are a sound investment in the next generation, which is why WFP provided meals, snacks or take-home food to 16.4 million children in 60 countries last year. 

2017 - Working for Zero Hunger

The World Food Programme saves lives in emergencies and empowers people to create a more secure, nourishing future. Amid funding challenges, we work hard, with governments and multiple partners, to...

2017 - Supply Chain

WFP's supply chain manages the entire process of end-to-end planning, procuring and delivering food assistance. Check out this factsheet to see the latest facts and figures of WFP’s supply chain...