Preventing Hunger

Preventing Hunger
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WFP's post-emergency and development operations are built around projects focused on preventing hunger taking hold in the future and breaking the cycle of hunger which is at its root.

WFP's innovative projects allow the weak and poor to stop worrying about their next meal and build a sustainable future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Here are some of the ways in which we work to prevent hunger in the future:

School meals

As well as directly addressing hunger, school meal projects encourage families to keep their children in school and so help them build better futures. If children are not hungry they will also concentrate better on their lessons. With a solid education growing children have a better chance of finding their own way out of hunger. These projects benefit girls especially. Learn more.

Food for Assets

WFP's Food for Assets projects pay the hungry with food to lay the foundations for a better tomorrow. When poor farmers no longer have to worry about the next meal, they have the time and energy to build irrigation systems that can boost production. Similarly, Food for Training projects allow the poor to devote time to learning skills that will sustain them economically in future. Learn more.


WFP uses its food rations to soften the blow of HIV and AIDS. The agency distributes its rations to people living with HIV and AIDS, so they can keep providing for their families for longer and have time to transfer vital knowledge and skills to the growing number of AIDS orphans - the next generation of food providers in developing countries. Learn more.

Purchase for Progress (P4P)

WFP already buys large amounts of food in developing countries. P4P harnesses this purchasing power and uses it to help poor farmers connect to reliable markets where they can get competitive prices for their produce. With secure markets, farmers will be encouraged to produce more and innovate. The knock-on effect is more food security for everyone. Learn more.

Focus on Women

WFP has long believed that women are the first and fastest solution to reducing hunger and poverty. In both its emergency and development projects, WFP has a special commitment to helping women gain equal access to life's basic necessity. Learn more.