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Building resilience through asset creation

Building resilience is about concerted efforts to enhance the capacities, assets and systems of the most vulnerable households, communities and countries to prepare for, withstand and bounce back...

WFP Innovating With India

Improving Food Security and Nutrition for the Most Vulnerable in India

Rayagada's Journey In Food Distribution Reform

WFP has been working in Rayagada, Odisha since 2007 in improving the efficiency of the Food Distribution System.

République de Centre Afrique - Violences, déplacements et insécurité alimentaire, Decembre 2013

• On estime à environ 30 % la population en insécurité alimentaire modérée ou sévère, soit approximativement 1.1 million de personnes (hors Bangui) et à 0 % la population en insécurité...

TChad - Evaluation de la Sécurité Alimentaire des ménages ruraux dans les zones sahélienne et soudanienne du Tchad, Novembre 2013

Evaluation de la Sécurité Alimentaire des ménages ruraux dans les zones sahélienne et soudanienne du Tchad

Kyrgyz Republic - Monthly Price and Food Security Update, 2013

The purpose of this monthly update is to provide near to real time insights into the rapidly changing food security environment, particularly food price and its impact at the household level.

Senegal - Bulletin sur l'evolution des prix, 2013

This bulletin aims to deepen and complement the existing information on market prices of cereals and pulses in Senegal with other trade indicators in order to inform on the current and future trends...

République du Tchad - Enquête Nationale de la Sécurité Alimentaire des ménages ruraux (ENSA), Novembre 2013

Le présent rapporte décrit la situation alimentaire des ménages au Tchad entre octobre et novembre 2013. Ce rapport est structuré en deux grandes parties. Dans un premier temps, l’on présente...

Ethiopia - Monthly Market Watch, 2013

Ethiopia - Monthly Market Watch, 2013

Nepal - Food Security Bulletins, 2013

The Food Security Bulletin is published on a quarterly basis by WFP. It contains an up-to-date account of the food security sitution in Nepal. Household food security is assessed based on a large...