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Zambia - Multi-Sectoral Rapid Flood Impact Assessment, February 2008

During the 2007/08 rain season, most districts of the southern province of the Republic of Zambia did not only experience early onset of rains but experienced high intensity as well.

Technical Guidelines - HIV/AIDs Analysis: Integrating HIV/AIDS in Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis

Guidance on how to include issues related to HIV/AIDS in the food security and vulnerability analyses conducted by WFP.

Cameroon - Rapid Assessment Mission of the Situtation of Chadian Refugees in Northern Cameroon, February 2008

This rapid assessment Mission focuses on the northern Cameroon situation after the Chadian rebels entered the capital N'djamena on 2nd February 2008. WFP Chad and Cameroon Country Offices staff were...

Annual Evaluation Report 2008

This report summarizes the findings of three strategic evaluations (WFP policies for gender, capacity development and HIV and AIDS) and four operations evaluations (in Colombia, Kenya, Nicaragua, and...

WFP’s HIV and AIDS Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa: a Thematic Evaluation

Apart from the grave public health concerns, the impact of HIV and AIDS upon productive members of society, and increasingly women and children, has major and long-term effects on human, social and...

WFP’s Capacity Development and Policy: a Strategic Evaluation

The objective of this evaluation was to determine achievements and shortfalls in WFP’s capacity development work and to learn from these experiences. WFP views capacity development in its...

Improving the Nutritional Quality of WFP's Food Basket

Part of WFP's 'Ten minutes to learn about...' series on nutrition

Sierra Leone - VAM report 2007

 Even though it is fully recognized that statistics is a fundamental tool for proper planning, coordination, monitoring, evaluation and reporting, it has not been accorded the due attention and...