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Liberia - Impacts of Rising Food - Fuel Prices and Refugee Influx: Emergency Food Security and Market Assessment, June 2011

The overall objective of the assessment is to gain a robust understanding of the impacts of rising food and fuel prices on three population groups: Urban and peri‐urban poor households, Rural...

Sudan - Trends in Staple Food Prices in Selected Vulnerable States, 2011

This bulletin provides information on price changes for the most commonly consumed staples and their potential impacts on the cost of the food basket and is a compliment to the Monthly Market Update...

Libya - Emergency Food Security Assessment: Eastern Libya, June 2011

This Emergency Food Security Assessment covers Eastern Libya and is a first exercise to study food security and socio-economic aspects. A subsequent study of Western Libya, particularly the Nafusa...

Libya - Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis: Report on the Wheat Flour and Tomato Market Systems, June 2011

This assessment analyzes the stresses placed on the crucial markets systems of wheat flour and local tomato production in eastern Libya, following the rise of civil conflict in mid February 2011....

Sierra Leone - Market Bulletins, 2011

 Sierra Leone - Market Bulletins, 2011

Lao People's Democratic Republic - Follow-up Emergency Food Security Assessment, June 2011

A follow-up assessment was carried out by WFP in cooperation with CARE Laos and World Vision in late January 2011. The main objective was to identify the number of people in need of food assistance...

Tanzania - Community and Household Surveillance in North Western Tanzania: Programme Outcome Monitoring in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, June 2011

Community and Household Surveillance monitoring system (CHS) is a recognized and a credible outcomes and food security monitoring tool. The primary objective of CHS is to determine the impact of food...

Annual Report 2010 - Bhutan

Annual Report 2010 - Bhutan

Southern Africa - Regional Food Security Updates, 2011

Southern Africa - Regional Food Security Updates, 2011