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Cameroun - PAM/UNHCR mission d evaluation conjointe: Pour les refugis Centrafricains au Cameroun, December 2007

The overall objective of the joint mission was to reassess the needs (food and non-food) of Central African refugees in Adamawa Cameroon and Eastern provinces.

Sudan - Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis, 2007

The Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis (CFSVA) seeks to compile and critically assess available information on household livelihoods, food security and vulnerability in Sudan.

Mid-term Evaluation of the India Country Programme (2003-2007)

This report presents the outcome of the mid-term evaluation of the India Country Programme (2003–2007), which aims to support India’s efforts to reduce vulnerability, eliminate hunger and...

Occasional Paper 18 - Cash and Food Transfers: A Primer - Ugo Gentilini (2007)

The objective of this paper is to unpack the various aspects of the long-standing "cash versus food" debate. It does so by mapping out where the controversies lie and argues for a more...

World Hunger Series 2007: Hunger and Health

Hunger and Health draws on decades of pragmatic experience in alleviating food emergencies, and seeking to break the cycle of poverty and disease. It provides sound policy recommendations for nations...

Occasional Paper 17 - Social Protection in the Era of HIV and AIDS - Examining the Role of Food-Based Interventions - K. Greenblott (2007)

The concept of social protection has become the subject of ardent debate among international policy makers and global think tanks. But what exactly does the term social protection mean? Is it...

WFP Annual Report 2007

By the end of 2007, the world was confronted with a new and very different emergency: rising food and fuel prices threatened to push millions more people into hunger, driving up the cost of providing...

Philippines - Emergency Food Security Assessment in Mindanao, November 2007

The findings of this report indicate that structural issues have caused a chronic food insecurity situation in Mindanao. The results of the assessment show that 26 percent of the interviewed...

Sri Lanka - Returnees Food Security Assessment in Batticaloa District, November 2007

This Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA) was conducted over two weeks in November 2007, five months after the large scale return process started in Batticaloa district.