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Cambodia - Food Security and Nutrition Quarterly Bulletin, 2012

The Cambodia Food Security and Nutrition Quarterly Bulletin aims to provide decision makers with a regular overview of trends and emerging threats relating to food and nutrition security in Cambodia...

Afghanistan - Market Price Bulletins, 2012

This monthly bulletin is published based on market data from different sources and aims to alert on latest developments.  Based on consumption patterns in Afghanistan, it includes data of wheat...

Egypt - Food Observatory, 2012

Egyptian Food Observatory is a quarterly bulletin that tracks trends in production, consumption and prices of key food commodities, and their impact on the food security situation of the most...

Malawi - Joint Assessment Mission Dzaleka Refugee Camp, December 2012

The Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) conducted in September 2012 aimed at obtaining a better understanding of the situation, needs, risks, capacities and vulnerabilities of refugees in Malawi with...

Pakistan - Market Price Bulletin, 2012

This report measures the Market conditions using International prices, domestic prices and availability other market indicators.

Centre of Excellence Annual Report 2012

 WFP Brasilia lunches its 2012 Annual Report

Relatório Anual 2012 do Centro de Excelência

 Principais atividades desenvolvidas pelo Centro em 2012.

occupied Palestinian territory - Food Security Watch, 2012

occupied Palestinian territory - Food Security Watch, 2012

Timor Leste: An evaluation of WFP's portfolio (2008 – 2012)

Covering the period 2008 – 2012 the Timor-Leste country portfolio evaluation assessed three main operations that encompassed: emergency relief, food-for-work/assets, school feeding, maternal...

Food for Assets on Livelihood Resilience in Guatemala: An Impact Evaluation

This evaluation was one in a series that assessed the outcomes and impacts of WFP's food-for-assets programming on livelihoods resilience.  The evaluation identified lessons and changes for...