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Getting Started: HIV, AIDS and Gender in WFP Programmes

More than any other crisis, the HIV and AIDS pandemic has illustrated a need to carefully consider the cultural and traditional gender context when developing interventions. This guidance document...

Getting Started: WFP Food Assistance in the Context of Tuberculosis Care and Treatment

A century ago, tuberculosis (TB) was the world’s leading cause of death by infectious disease because of an absence of treatment. Today, it is still one of the world’s leading infectious causes of...

Guinea - Rapid Needs Assessment in the Forest Guinea Region of Guinea Conakry and Recommendations for a Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation, April 2007

This assesment was conducted to review and synthesize assessment information from secondary sources; assess the food security situation in the concerned region and review the role which food aid can...

Kenya - Short Rains Assessment, April 2007

The Short Rains Assessment 2006/07 was conducted to determine the impact of the short rains season, in conjunction with the impact of previous rains, on the food security situation of drought and...

Sierra Leone - Rapid Assessment of Livelihoods Status and Food Security Situation in the Southern and Eastern Provinces of Sierra Leone and Recommendations for a Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation, April 2007

The objectives of the assessments were: (1) To understand the causes and level of food insecurity in the mainly plantation growing and refugees hosting districts of Sierra Leone and review the...

Chad - Enquete rapide sur la situation socio-economique et alimentaire des deplaces et des populations hotes a l'Est du Tchad, March 2007

This report is an analysis of the vulnerability on livelihoods and food security in the camps for internally displaced persons.

Zambia - Rapid Flood Impact Assessment Report, March 2007

The overall objective of the assessment was to determine the effects and extent of the floods on housing, infrastructure, health, food access, water and sanitation, education, crops and livestock in...

Market Analysis Tool: Import Parity Price

A market analysis tool used to help in understanding whether or not a national market is integrated into regional or world markets.

Philippines - Emergency Food Security Assessment in Albay Province, February 2007

The general objectives of the assessment were to evaluate the impact of the typhoons which affected livelihoods, and identify food assistance requirements for the next three to nine months.