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Kenya - Food Security and Outcome Monitoring, 2012

WFP’s household food security and outcome monitoring looks at food security indicators among beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries across the livelihood zones.

Sudan - Market Monitor, 2012

This quarterly bulletin provides information on price changes for the most commonly consumed staples and their potential impacts on the cost of the food basket and is a compliment to the Monthly...

Haiti - Rapport d'Evaluation d'urgence des impacts du cyclone Sandy sur la sécurité alimentaire, December 2012

Les objectifs de l’évaluation ont été les suivants : Evaluer les dégâts sur le secteur agricole au niveau des communes affectées Évaluer l’impact sur la sécurité alimentaire au niveau...

Bangladesh - Food Security Monitoring System, 2012

This food security monitoring report presents the overall food security situation in Bangladesh; focusing on crop production, food prices trends and household food access. It also analyzes...

Cambodia - Food Price and Wage Bulletin, 2012

WFP Cambodia’s Food Price and Wage Bulletin monitors the price of food commodities and wage rates of unskilled laborers on a monthly basis. The Bulletin aims to detect changes and identify...

Sudan - Food Security Update, 2012

Sudan - Food Security Update, 2012

Tajikistan - Food Security Monitoring System, 2012

The Food Security Monitoring System (FSMS) provides a seasonal snapshot of food insecurity in rural Tajikistan by analyzing data from 665 households and 475 key informants across 19 livelihood/...

Pakistan - Market Price Bulletin, 2012

This report measures the Market conditions using International prices, domestic prices and availability other market indicators.

Afghanistan - Market Price Bulletins, 2012

This monthly bulletin is published based on market data from different sources and aims to alert on latest developments.  Based on consumption patterns in Afghanistan, it includes data of wheat...

Niger - Albichir, Analyse approfondie des marché et de la sécurité alimentaire, 2012

Niger - Albichir, Analyse approfondie des marché et de la sécurité alimentaire, 2012