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Seasonal Targeted Assistance

Seasonal Targeted Assistance Programme factsheet

Productive Asset Creation

Productive Asset Creation factsheet

Local/Regional Purchase

Local/Regional Purchase factsheet

Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition Programme factsheet

Haiti - Bulletin d'analyse approfondie des marches, 2012

Haiti - Bulletin d'analyse approfondie des marches, 2012

Kenya Food Security Outlook: July - December 2012

The Kenya Food Security Outlook for July - December gives an overview of the food security situation in the country for the second half of the year.

2011 Annual Review

2011 Annual Review - Myanmar: A Year of Changes

Monthly Food Price and Food Security Update - Kyrgyz Republic, July 2012

The purpose of this monthly update is to provide near to real time insights into the rapidly changing food security environment, particularly food price and its impact at the household level.  ...

The Gambia - Daa Nyeeno: Food Security and Market Information, 2012

Daa Nyeeno - Food Security and Market Information Bulletin for The Gambia aims at informing decision makers and policies on the evolving food security situation in the country. It is complementary to...

Nord Benin & Nord Togo - Evaluation Rapide de la Sécurité Alimentaire et des Marchés, July 2012

Cette mission a pour objectif général d'évaluer les effets de la crise alimentaire au Sahel sur les conditions de vie des ménages et sur le fonctionnement des marchés des localités du Nord Bénin et...