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Responding for Results: WFP Delivers on its HIV and AIDS Programmes

 Update on WFP's response to HIV and AIDS

WFP Policy on Capacity Development

This document provides an update on the implementation of the 2004 policy “Building National and Regional Capacities” (WFP/EB.3/2004/4-B), which developed a framework for WFP’s then...

Madagascar - Food Security Monitoring System, 2012

Madagascar - Food Security Monitoring System, 2012

Cambodia - FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Update Mission, April 2012

In September and October 2011 Cambodia was affected by one of the worst floods since 2000. According to Government reports, heavy monsoon rains and the consequent overflowing of the Mekong and Tonle...

Ethiopia - FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission, April 2012

An FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission visited Ethiopia from 31 October to 26 November 2011 to estimate the 2011 main meher season cereal and pulse production; review the 2011 secondary...

WFP Policy Formulation

 In May 2009 the Bureau requested information on the policy development process; the 2008 Annual Evaluation Report presented to the Board at its 2009 Annual Session also highlighted the need to...

République du Mali - Enquête rapide de la sécurité alimentaire des ménages affectés par la sécheresse, April 2012

Le PAM remercie l’UNICEF, le CSA et toutes les structures et les personnes qui ont aidé à la réalisation de cette évaluation de la sécurité alimentaire du 12 au 31 décembre 2011. L’appui...

WFP Zimbabwe Fact Sheet 2012

This Fact Sheet provides a summary of WFP operations in Zimbabwe in 2012

Evaluation of SPLASH Voucher Transfer Activity

This final report was published in January 2012 and evaluates WFP Zimbabwe's SPLASH Voucher Transfer Activity

Myanmar - Emergency Food Security Assessment in Southern Chin State, March 2012

The objective of this assessment was to explore the extent and magnitude of crop failures and to determine to what degree they have impacted the current and near-term food security situation....