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Malawi - Comprehensive food security and vulnerability analysis (CFSVA) and nutrition assessment, October 2012

The 2012 CFSVA in Malawi is a joint product of the National Statistics Office of Malawi and the World Food Programme.  It is the second CFSVA to be conducted in Malawi.  This CFSVA was...

South Sudan - Food Security Monitoring System, 2012

 South Sudan - Food Security Monitoring System, 2012

Ghana - Food Security and Nutrition Monitoring System, 2012

This Food Security and Nutrition Monitoring System provides an update on food security and nutritional situation in Northern Ghana; focusing on average production, food prices trends and health and...

Philippines - Monthly Price and Food Security Updates, 2012

Philippines - Monthly Price and Food Security Updates, 2012

Burkina Faso - Evaluation approfondie post-sécheresse de la sécurité alimentaire des ménages, October 2012

Le Burkina Faso sort progressivement d’une situation alimentaire difficile causée par la sécheresse. première session 2012 du Comité de Prévision de la Situation Alimentaire (CPSA) tenue en...

Reaffirming WFP's commitment to pro-smallholder food procurement

WFP's new Executive Director Ertharin Cousin reaffirms WFP's commitment to continuously and increasingly buy food for its operations in a smallholder-friendly way.

P4P Annual Review Reports

WFP staff and partners gather for the global Purchase for Progress (P4P) Annual Reviews to collectively review progress and discuss key lessons learnt during P4P implementation.

2012 - Addressing Undernutrition in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Production of nutritious biscuits and Super Cereal is part of WFP efforts to address undernutrition and fight hunger in DPRK. A child’s daily ration costs 5 US cents a day.

The Namibian School Feeding Programme: Cost Analysis

The Namibia School Feeding Programme (NSFP) is a nationally-run and funded government programme providing meals to approximately 270 000 school children across the country. The meal consists of...

The Namibian School Feeding Programme

School Feeding has been an integral part of the government’s strategy to address inequalities and expand access to educational opportunities to disadvantaged children, particularly orphans and...