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Regional Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation in Central America

Vulnerability in Central America is the result of structural economic causes, civil wars and natural disasters. In the past three years, the region has not been struck by crises on the scale of those...

Haiti - Bulletin de la securite alimentaire, 2006

This food security report identifies (and follows) trends and variables identified as important for the availability, access and use of food for groups vulnerable to food insecurity.

Mauritania - Profile of Cereal and Livestock Markets, Implications for Food Security, September 2006

This market profile aims to complete the Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis (CFSVA). It is meant to help understand the linkages between the behaviour of markets and ...

Nepal - Small Area Estimation of Poverty, Caloric Intake and Malnutrition, September 2006

This report presents the results of small area estimation techniques to improve sample survey estimates of poverty, caloric intake and malnutrition for Nepal. This is the first time that statistical...

Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation in Tajikistan

WFP has been active in Tajikistan since 1993, providing US$172 million in support of two protracted relief and recovery operations (PRROs) and two emergency operations.