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Democratic Republic of Congo - Special Focus: Is economic recovery benefiting the vulnerable? May 2014

The Special Focus series provide latest information on countries, regions or key initiatives that are of high importance and/or concern from a food security and humanitarian perspective.

Uganda - Karamoja: Situation Update, 2014

Uganda - Karamoja Situation Update, 2014

Tchad - Evaluation du Genre en lien avec assistance alimentaire, May 2014

Entre le 17 et le 31 mars 2014, des équipes du Programme Alimentaire Mondial ont appuyé le Ministère de l’Action sociale et de la solidarité dans le cadre d’une étude sur l’...

République du Congo - WFP/UNHCR Mission d'évaluation conjointe de la sécurité alimentaire et vulnérabilité des ménages de réfugiés provenant de la République Centrafricaine vivant dans le Département de la Likouala, Mai 2014

This Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) was organized jointly by WFP and UNHCR in April 2014 with the objective of assessing the food security situation of the Central African Republic (CAR) refugees....

WFP Achievements in 2013

The 2013 Annual Performance Report is now available in a special online edition that explains WFP's key achievements last year with simple, straightforward visuals.

WFP Logistics in 2013: Key Facts and Figures

WFP relies on its logistics expertise to quickly reach millions in need around the world by land, air and sea. This factsheet shows how WFP Logistics organizes the delivery of food assistance in over...

2014 - WFP and Canada: A Partnership that Saves Lives

The Government of Canada is one of WFP’s strongest supporters and has consistently been among WFP’s top three donors over the last five years.

Bangladesh CP 200243 (2012-2016): A mid-term Operation Evaluation. Terms of Reference.

The terms of reference of the mid-term Operation Evaluation of the Bangladesh Country Programme 200243 (2012-2016) aim to inform stakeholders about the evaluation, clarify expectations and...

Synthesis of the Evaluation of the Impact of Food for Assets 2002-2011 and Lessons for Building Livelihoods Resilience

The report synthesizes the main findings from evaluations in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nepal, Senegal and Uganda that assessed the impact of WFP's food for assets activities and identified...

Annual Evaluation Report - 2013

The WFP Office of Evaluation Annual Evaluation Report (AER) makes strategic recommendations for WFP based on the synthesis of findings, conclusions, lessons and recommendations from all evaluations...